Back to BC

Wow I am so ready to be out of a car!! We decided to drive back home through Montana to spice things up. The change is nice, but I’d rather be home already. It was a really good trip though. I finished up a very consistent string of races with a 9th in the xc and another 8th in the Short track at Norba Finals. The string of good racing at altitude has me pumped to race the World Championships at Sea level. I learned a lot about my racing these past weekends and am hoping to put it altogether in NZ.

Snowmass was very similar in course layout to Brian Head. Huge climb off the start & big ring descents with lots of flatting opportunities, but this weekend they through in a long single track climb which led straight into the start climb as we did 1.5 laps. Perhaps Norbas aren’t the best prep for World Cups in terms of course design as climbing courses are selective and don’t emphasize the necessity of working through traffic, but the competition is great.

The short track this weekend was pretty rough so I used my Norco Dually… and am so glad I did. We got to ride a bunch of jumps, punchy climbs and rough ST making it more like a mini xc race than the typical pack dynamics. I started horribly even though I got a pretty wicked call up. I had to work hard to clear the traffic, but kept gaining spots and eventually found myself in 8th behind Heather Irmiger. My race ended just as the thunder showers opened up for the men.

My travel-mates also had a good weekend Ricky finishing top 15 in both events and Hadley riding strong in the 20’s. After many months of traveling together Keith and I dropped Hadley off in Salt Lake City. He was flying back to NB to wrap up his race season. So Now I’m in the Vancouver area until Friday when I fly to NZ. I’ll get the chance to visit Norco and do some new trails while I’m here.