Vancouver: After Mt Washington we headed back to Sandra Walter’s place for a couple nights. Her family was awesome and we got well rested and fed for the journey ahead of us. We even got to ride some of their backyard trails. Sandra Schooled us …or at least me on Triple Crown and showing us why those trails belonged in her backyard.

Vancouver to Utah: Keith, matt and I left Sandra’s Tuesday morning and headed south. Popular Sandra had to stay behind for a couple weddings. After a stop for French toast in White rock with my coach Dan we crossed the border with our well loaded Subaru. After Several hours of driving through plains we spotted a tower on a distant hillside and decided to make it our ride destination. Horse Heaven Hills as we later learned provided us with a nice fire road climb before sending us down a steep hill face through tumble weed and sage. Not the most exciting ride…except for the worries we might start a fire we had to be on the disc brakes so much, but it was good to break up the car ride.

That night we made it to Glenn Ferry, Idaho by midnight. The next day we drove to Ogden Utah in time to hit up a bike shop and head for the hills. Our plan was to camp under the stars at the base of Skyline trail. After about an hour of single track climbing through dense brush and about three flat tires we had gained a lot of altitude. Our legs were feeling good, but we had some real fatigue going on from the traveling. No longer able to withstand the bush wacking for an uncertain trail outcome I turned around and headed back to camp. At this point we had decided we needed a good night’s sleep and perhaps an outdoor sleep wasn’t the best idea for us. Keith headed back down the trail with me while Matt duked it out to the crest. As it always turns out in these situations Matt found a sweet single track descent and made it back in about the same amount of time we did. Ah well!

The Ogden Lodge was a lively place. Apparently we slept through gun shots, but Keith did awaken to the massive thunder shower at 3:30 am. Yeah for choosing a hotel sleep!
Off again to Salt Lake to pick up Ricky Federau. The car is now riding substantially lower. We now have 12 wheels, a hockey bag of tires and 4 bikes outside the car. Inside we have 4 people all under the critical 135lb weight limit and all the rest of our gear. We have gone through Keith’s Off Spring Cd’s in order and are started on his Rolling Stones Collection. That night we make it To Beaver, Utah. This is to be our home for 3 days. It’s about 45 minutes from Brian Head, but only at half the elevation.

We enjoyed wicked road rides and Mexican food here. The Super 8 staff were great, but the quarters a little cramped – Okay way too cramped for the 4 of us and our bikes and no fridge or other kitchen niceties. Matt and I picked up a $10 BBQ at the local store and Ricky grilled up some chicken Breasts to go with our camp stove cooked pasta. We made out alright but are looking forward to moving.