Fall 2006

With the hype of a last minute trip to Brazil the other stuff in my life got pushed to the back ground. But at the end of September after a couple weeks of that super fun past time – job hunting, I ended up getting the first job I sent a resume in for. So I now do water analysis 3 days/week. Chemistry was the class I rarely made it to. It was an 8 am’er first year and just too easy to miss. So I went through a crash refresher and after a couple weeks my legs also adjusted to the 8-10 hr shifts spent standing. Not perhaps the most ideal athlete second job, but interesting.
September also meant a trip to NB to visit my folks and go shopping for a wedding dress. I took the red eye flight from Vancouver Thursday and arrived at 11ish Friday morning in NB. Mom and Dad were there to pick me up, take me out for some good breakfast at Cora’s in downtown Fredericton. By 1:00 mom and I had found my wedding dress and the rest of the weekend was free to relax and catch up with friends. Mid September and NB was gorgeous and green. The leaves were just starting to fall.
Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec Work/Train/Eat/Sleep/wedding planning. That was pretty much the drill with varying order of activities. I got through the biggest learning curve at work, settled into a training pattern and the wedding seemed to be coming together well. Our wedding goal was for it to be low stress and fun and I think we were pretty successful at that. November saw keith and I trying to get our ski legs back. Last year living in Chase we would drive to Vernon (1.5hrs) 2-3 times/week to cross country ski and spice training up more than a trainer can. This year being in Kamloops we are spoiled to have Stake lake a mere 30 minute drive and are loving it. It’s also quite a bit flatter than where we’ve skied in the past so it’s a nice change.