NMBS 2 Short Track

Saturday was the short track. We got to race at 10:45 which made temperatures nicer. After a good warm up we lined up. Legs felt heavy and slow to warm up, but I was ready to race. My call up was still decent after my 19th place finish in Phoenix and I got off to a pretty good start. Mical was lined up beside me and I saw her miss her pedal off the start, but she was passing me before the first corner and I got to watch how she navigated traffic…a weakness of mine. It was crazy dusty and I just followed the dust cloud knowing my dually would suck up any unexpected bumps that might be hiding in the dust. After the straight we did a hard right up a steep little climb, along a flat, two hairpins and a short fast descent into a left hander. One more right hander through some sand and we were back at the start/finish. Luna and Gary fisher girls were off the front with a chase group involving Wendy and Mical in pursuit. I was chasing the Chase group. All the loosed corners lead to some crashers which defined the race leaders. I had a solid race and finished 14th. My legs felt okay, but not fantastic. Usually I spend a short track making up for a bad start and get to pass a ton of people. This time my start was okay so there was less moving up just a lot of switching up with the girls around me.

I am now ranked 13th in the Short Track Series. I’m looking forward to Fontana a the chance to move into the top 10.

1 NASH, KATERINA 28:41.60 182
2 GOULD, GEORGIA 28:47.89 172
4 KOERBER, WILLOW 29:19.71 155
5 SMITH, JENNIFER 29:28.52 148
6 BLASI, ZEPHANIE 29:29.59 142
7 DYCK, MICAL 29:32.45 137
8 SHERWIN, KATHY 29:44.24 132
9 IRMIGER, HEATHER 29:44.65 127
10 SIMMS, WENDY 29:54.41 122
11 FORSMAN, CHLOE 20 30:10.94 117
12 DANIELSON, KRISTEN 27 30:27.27 114
13 WHITMORE, JAMIE 30:40.74 111
24 Trish Sinclair
31 Christy Love

In the guys race max Plaxton took a convincing win attacking with 3 laps to go. No one wanted to lead the chase and it gave him a safe gap. Kabush, Toulouse and sneddon were all in the chase. Roddi was just after in 13th and Hadley rode a strong race sitting comfortably in 18th until about 20 seconds to go where he went down in a corner, rolled his tire off the rim and got passed by 5+ guys. Bummer

1. Max Plaxton (Can) Rocky Mountain-Haywood 29:07.43 2. Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona-LesGets 29:12.12 3. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher 29:14.93 4. Barry Wicks (USA) Kona-LesGets 29:19.27 5. Sam Schultz (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher 29:20.67 6. Kris Sneddon (Can) Kona-LesGets 29:21.64 7. Brent Miller (USA) Kenda/Titus/XFusion MTB Team 29:26.41 8. Geoff Kabush (Can) Team Maxxis 29:34.10 9. Ross Schnell (USA) Trek 29:41.58 10. Mat Toulouse (Can) Team Maxxis 29:45.59 13. Roddi Lega (Can) United Cycles 30:38.0925. Matt Hadley (Can) Rocky Mountain-Haywood 31:27.97

Today is the XC at 2:45. We’re doing 1.75 laps and it should be hot. Wendy isn’t going to race the xc as she’s still fighting a cold.