Short Track

After hitting up the Kids race at 2:00 i got out for a warm up. After the morning's spin my legs weren't feeling too bad. I got off to a descent start and then set to picking girls off as I tried to move up. About 12 minutes in my motivation was starting to wain as I was caught in noman's land between groups. When Emmet and Smith caught up to me though I snapped out of it and fought to stick on their wheels. After a lap together I could tell I was was stronger on the climb up the 4 cross and the last single track section, even on the descent and weaker on the flats so I used this to plan my tactic and was able to narrowly scoop both for the descent last lap and take 14th position. This was a step up from last weekend as I raced smarter and the field was deeper. In my mind this is the best ST course on the circuit because they put energy into making it a good mtb loop rather than a loop around a grassy field. We ahd climbs, descents, burms, jumps so it was fun and intersting. Alsion was top canuck taking 3rd, Simms 9th, me in 14th and Trish and Christy in 20th and 39th respectively.

Max took 3rd in the men's, Kabush 5th, Seamus 11th, Roddi 16th


Anonymous said…
Hi Catharine,

We were wondering if you will be racing at the Canada Cup June 16/17 at Hardwood Hills. We were thinking of spectating and would love to have someone specific to cheer for.
Love reading your Blog!

Jen Cerini (Hogan)
Bolton, Ontario
Kika said…
hey guys, yup I made it to bromont sorry I didn't catch your post until now.It would have been cool to meet you. It was an awesome race too. I'd definitely recomend Bromont for a bike holiday