Trouble staying put

I don’t seem to be able to spend much time in Kamloops these days. I got back from the Norbas in California and decided I should really add the bromont Canada Cup to my trip to Europe. It would be a chance for me to race my hardtail before the world cup, pick up some UCI points and hopefully prize money. I’d also get to meet our new Eastern Events guy Havy and get at least 3 hourse closer to Switzerland’s time zone. I found out my parents and brother were all going to be there as an added bonus and I was going to get the chance to see 2 of my favourite girlfriends. Wicked. The only down side was that it meant only one weekend back with Keith before I was off for four weekends!

Bromont for the Canada Cup

The view of Bromont from our wicked chalet

So Wednesday I was all packed up again and on my way to Montreal. I arrived to a very damp, cold and wet Montreal at midnight. Heather was there to pick me up with her sister Marina and we all headed back to her place. After a very short sleep I got a call from Mical. They arrived in Montreal at 7:30 am and could give me a ride to Bromont. SO I quicklt hailed a cab and arrived at the airport. Once rentals were sorted out we headed to Tutti Frutti for some good breakfast. Mical was travelling with a bunch of fun Albertan DHer’s. We made it out to Bromont before noon and got the bikes together. I headed out for my ride debating between road and mtb, but it was so wet and cold mtbing was the only option. I did 2 laps of the course and it was more of the same good stuff Bromont always provides. It seemed like a bit more climbing this year, but good descending. The course was already a river due to the rain so I was hoping for some dry weather.

I got my wish. No rain until about 30 minutes after the DH podium on Sunday. Friday I headed out for a road spin and reaffirmed my desire to spend some real time here with Keith and our bikes. I just love the area. Anyhow, although this ride was good for my legs, it proved problematic for my race as I missed the fact that they cut out a section of a course (1 climb and 1 descent). Saturday I was ready to race. Havy had my bike all dialled in, my legs were feeling great, my fan club was set. Even though I didn’t get a call up to the line I still had my best race start ever being second out of the start after Marie Helene Premont. The race was to follow this pattern for all but half of the first lap where I went off course. Focusing ahead on what I thought was the course, I was scanning the ground to find the least mucky route up the climb and completely missing the arrow that told me I should have turned right. Some Flagging tape would have been helpful here, but ah well. So I did an extra climb got almost to the top and realized there were no arrows pointing me to the descent. Sure enough I turned around and saw 4 girls go by below me ON THE COURSE. Well at least now I knew why I couldn’t see Marie up the climb! I was so mad I had screwed up my wicked start and the gap I had gained. I madly charged after the girls down the descent and was gaining on them fast. Emily showed me some nice lines on the descents, but I wanted the girls in front. By the last descent I was around Amanda sin and got Mical just after the start finish. I then set off to catch Marie. I knew I was climbing and descending faster than the girls behind me so my goal was to stay as close to Marie as I could. The rest of the race went really well. The weekend of riding in Revelstoke paid off as I was riding really well and I was climbing strong. I finished the race 3:30 off MHP so without my detour that was a gap I was really happy with. I was able to put 6 minutes into 3rd which was also pretty cool.

1. Marie-Hélène Prémont (Can) Rocky Mountain Haywood 1:52:59

2. Catharine Pendrel (Can) Norco Factory at 3:30

3. Amanda Sin (Can) 3 Rox Racing 9:23

4. Mical Dyck (Can) Trek/Terrascape/Calgary Cycle 10:18

5. Emily Batty (Can) Team 12:14

A New kinda pain

That night I had my family over to my condo for Super. It was great to do some catching up. Next morning Geoff and I were both racing. I was doing a sprint event the organizers were putting on and he was racing the DH. I headed out for a road spin, but ended up on trails. They just looked too good. Then I headed over to check out the sprint course. It was an approx. 400m paved climb followed by a fast fire road descent. I had no clue what kind of pain I was in for! Only 5 girls were brave enough to show. Me, Mical, Emily, Julie Sanders and MC Superenant. Due to numbers the winner would be decided by best score from 3 runs. We lined up, both feet clipped in with some one holding our bikes. On the go we took off and I quickly felt the shock of a maximal effort. Mical and Emily took off and I just couldn’t match them, but Julie was pressuring me. Next race Julie saw she could have me and put out a great start leading up the climb, but being overtaken finishing third ahead of me. 3rd lap I knew I had to beat Julie to finish 3rd overall. I put it in the Big ring and was first out of the gate. With the other girls max power zapped I raced way closer to the lead this lap, but still finished 3rd. Mical took all 3 wins and Emily 3 2nds. It was super fun and I hope the event draws greater numbers at Tremblant. The men’s races were really exciting. It was just such fast racing! The men had 5 heats of 3 or 4 racers with the top 2 from each round going onto a final. It was interesting to see how a different type of event allowed different riders to shine. Mike Garrigan won followed by Raph Gagne and Steph Widmer.

The next morning I felt like I had been run over by a truck.