Willkommen a Switzerland

After a fun evening catching up with my friend Dominique and then a morning spent with my best bud heather in Montreal I am again on the road.

Me and Dominique

YO Y Heather

Sandra picked me up this morning at the Zurich airport and drove me back to her uncle’s place near Bern. Thy live on a farm they share with their family. After a very slow bike build…can’t wrench too well on 2 hrs sleep…Sandra and I went off on an explorative spin. Switzerland is an amazing country for road riding. The majority of roads are one or two lanes with no shoulder, but there is little traffic and the drivers are respectful of cyclists. There are so many little roads that we literally picked directions at random. Left, right, down a dirt path, through a field, a forest, past some cows, each with a cow bell chiming. We did end up getting a little lost and more than a little muddy, but the weather was beautiful and sunny and my legs didn’t feel as disgusting as I had expected. We even saw 3 baby foxes. I guess this is pretty rare as out of Sandra's relatives only one of the four had ever seen a family. Sandra and I figure it was because we are so foxy ourselves they felt comfortable in our presence:-)
Building up my Norco Hardtail. It rides so nice! Check out that glove tan line.
The view from the balcony of the Schai's place

We then headed to the grocery store…always an adventure in a new country and selected some interesting yogurt flavours, fresh pasta, and spiced meat. We are going to go out for our first taste of horse meat soon too. We then went back to meet up with Sonya and Sepp our hosts. Sandra has promised to teach me the Swiss national card game tonight so that I can take part in her weekly card game at her grandparents place as well as make it to 9:00pm before crashing into deep slumber!

Oh...I almost forgot. The Schai’s also have a wonderful coffee maker that at the touchof a button grinds my coffee and gives it to me just the way I request it. It’s so good I don’t even need to add sugar.

My coach Dan Proulx just let me know he got engaged too so a big Congrats out to Dan and Sarah!