Wickedest World cup to date

Wahoooo! Qualified for the Olympic pool today! Finished 11th, just 8 seconds off 10th at today's World Cup race in Mont Saint Anne Quebec. My parents were there decked out in Norco team shirts, Havy had my bike dialed in and took care of me in the feed zone and there were lots of friends out on the course giving their Support. Keith, back in BC celebrating his 30th bday was there lap by lap on the computer following the race and sending fast energy my way. Thanks for all your support guys!!!


Monilee said…
Hey Kika,

You may not remember me but i'm a grassroots rider for Norco and used to race the Ontario and Canada Cups (just moved to Portland, OR last fall - we met at Hardwood, I beleive). I wanted to say CONGRATS on an awesome World Cup result and nice ridng this year. Way to step it up!!!

- Monilee
INCREDIBLE! I'm glad that having to pass an extra 60 people didn't slow you down. But I'm sure it'll be even better this weekend when you only need to pass 15 or so...
rip it
Kika said…
Thanks Monilee, hope Oregon is treating you well. If you make it up to Kamloops anytime look me up and we'll get out for a ride.