North Van, Squamish, Whistler

So if you're reading this you've already realized I don't stick around home much. Thursday Keith and I took off for the Vancouver area. We did a quick stop by Norco and Marzocchi to pick up some stuff. Got a sweet new Norco back pack by Ogio. Naz got me dialled with my Corsa too. We then headed for Grouse Mtn. It was the start of some bad luck for us though. We did the nice climb up to 7th secret. Keith letting me do some intervals on the way up to the trail head. Some guys from Big Bike in france were there test riding some Norcos. Keith unclipped at the top and Crap. His pedal spring broke. Using stiff clipless shoes without being able to clip in on North van trails seemd a bit sketchy so we dissappointedly headed down the fire road. By the time we got to Oil can though Keith was grumbling and ready to give it a try. He could actually descend pretty good unclipped and we had a wicked time on the new trail.

We had a great night hanging out on the beach in Van, had some japanese food with Chris at the eatery and then crashed at Chris's place. After a wicked sleep we headed out for coffee and a leisurely trip to Squamish. Keith, now a teacher on holiday, is starting to relax into the role.

We headed out to ride the gearjammer course which hits a lot of the single track squamish has to offer. We got in another great ride - aside from my face plant into a bog - and headed to whistler that evening pleasantly fatigued. We ran into a bunch of people who had guest ridden in the bC Bike race while out for some grub and then headed back to our friends Sandra and Jeanine's place to hang out for the night.

We started sunday morning with some breakfast with the girls and Liz and then rode out to "Comfortably numb". This was the last (7th) day of the BC bike race and they were on this section of trail. They started with Zipline (a repelling type thing) before heading out for a lot of gnarly single track climbing up comfortably numb. Where their course cut off and headed back to the village the epic length trail continued to the left and Keith and I took this route. We were having a blst on the rugged trail when after about 1hr15 of fast trail riding Keith's derailleur hanger shears in half. Not knowing the trail at all and beeing told it took anywhere from 3.5 to 7 hrs we decided to play it safe and head down and out the BC Bike race route. Him coasting and pushing with one leg. It was a bummer to not be able to finish the trail, but we still got in a great ride with tons of Single track. We already have a trip back to Whistler planned and have been tossing around the idea of racing the BC bike race as a team. Maybe after 2008 though.