So what’s next?

September 2nd Swiss Power Cup: Zurich, Switzerland
September 8th World Championships: Fort William, Scotland
September 15th World Cup Finals: Maribor, Slovenia
September 22nd Good luck Beijing Invitation Race: Laoshan, China

As you can see I’ve got an exciting and busy fall planned. It all kicks off this Wednesday with an ungodly 4:00am wakeup to get to the airport in time to start my Around the World Adventure. I decided to kick start the next set of races with the Swiss Power cup to get my mind and body focused for Worlds the following weekend. I am psyched to get back to Switzerland and visit Sandra and her family –my favorite Swiss – Sepp and Sonya. Ricky Federau and I will be traveling together and teaming up with our Swiss counterparts. It should be awesome. I hear there is even a Minnie golf tournament in the works.

The following Tuesday Ricky and I head to Scotland to meet up with the rest of team Canada to prepare for Worlds. Canada has decided not to enter a relay due to lack of rider interest, myself excluded. By this time I should be on the right time zone and well rested for the “Big” race. Fort William promises a wicked course and I’m sure it won’t disappoint based on the race I did there in 2005. I’m ranked 29th going into Worlds with 4 women in front of me racing the Espoir category instead and Gunn Rita still absent from this year of racing so a poor starting position will not be the case and I’m excited to see how I can do after an exciting summer of racing.

Everyone leaves Scotland on the 10th with many of us heading to Maribor, Slovenia for World cup finals. I’ll be meeting up with Sandra in Zurich and doing a road trip through Switzerland to Slovenia. Should be rad! I’m looking forward to seeing a new country and World cup race venue and of course visiting many backereis along the way. Sandra is going to hang out with me for a couple days after the race to see more of the country and keep training at the tail end of the season fun.

Recently added to the schedule is the Good Luck Beijing Invitation race. Yes I get to go race the Olympic Mtb Course and I am a little excited. What a great way to send you into the off season with some motivation!!!! I’m not sure how it ended up being 3 women and one man being sent, but am thankful that I was selected to go. I have to assume 1-2 of the guys declined the trip, but who knows. So I head to China on the 19th making it a trip around the World by the time I fly back in to BC. At the moment I’m slated for one race on the 22nd, but there is a possibility of doing another on the 25th. We’ll see….