Water bottle slushy anyone?

Today I woke to frosted rooftops and grass. After helping with the media launch of Operation Red Nose – A designated driver service that supports local athletes – I bundled up and headed out for my ride. Still -3 at noon and still frosty everywhere. At only 1.5 hrs into my ride I had that familiar experience of an ice filled bottle. Luckily from years of experience I knew to pack a bottle in my back pocket to keep my 2nd bottle from freezing. With 2-4 layers of clothing covering every part of my body I was still frozen at 2.5 hrs in and had to head home to finish my ride on the trainer. No doors open, no fan and it still took me 15 minutes to warm up! Yeah winter… come on snow, bring on the xc skiing!


Anonymous said…
You woose! It's -15 windchill here and no complaining.
Balmy Smithfield, N.B.