Catastrophic failure

Sometimes you’re just not supposed to get that good workout in. It was a pretty nice day out so I decided to forgo the trainer and head outside for my workout out. It was the 3rd week of a block and my energy and motivation were lacking. As I got further into my ride though my head was coming around and I started looking forward to some intensity. As I ramped up the speed and pushed into a nice little headwind my bike all of a sudden slid to a stop as my rear wheel completely locked up. I got off to see I had sheared my derailleur hanger in half! My derailleur cage was completely mangled and my frame even managed to suffer some scrapes. Without a chain tool I looked at my bike in dismay thinking of what a 20 km hike in bike shoes would be like. Fortunately a city bus was heading my way and the driver took pity on me and gave me a lift in to town where Todd and Trevour at Full Boar got me rolling again.