Some good rides and a trip home

Keith and I were out on the mtb’s the other day. It always feels special when you can get a solid ride in outside during the winter and have sunshine no-less. As I was making my way down a snowy descent I heard a rumbling off to the left. Across from me, on the opposing hillside was a herd of 6 mountain sheep! For those that have never seen one in person they’re actually pretty big with amazing curved horns. Neat!

Last Saturday was one of those rare days where you get 9 degrees and sunshine in January. It had been warming up for a couple days so the roads weren’t too wet or gritty and I was able to sneak in a 4hr road ride. Unfortunately the warm weather has turned the mtb trails into unrideable goup from what was well packed trails thanks to all the holiday foot traffic. It is January and won’t last long though so I’ll take it where I can get it!

This week I’m off to New Brunswick to visit mom and Dad and some friends. NB has had some unreal snowfall this year so I’m looking forward to going back to a very snow farm, getting my mom out for a snowshoe and enjoying sitting by the woodstove. The Hadleys are lso having their annual classic ski tour on their home trails so I'm sure I'll fit that in too!