Riding with Luna

My new bike: Orbea's Alma

Zeph and Chris our awesome mechanics hanging with Danelle

Sweet. Got my name on the trailer!

Luna is such an amazing team. On Monday I flew into San Francisco where I met up with Alison Dunlap, Chloe Forsman and Ironman athlete Terra Castro at the airport. Our Team manager Waldek was there to pick us up in the Clifbar truck. We then headed to our camp in Sausalito (just past the Golden Gate) to meet up with the rest of the team.

ClifBar I have learned is an amazing company. Their truck runs on vegetable oil, the team is carbon neutral and all employees can bring their dogs and babies to work with them. How often are racers greeted with hugs from their team owner? The Luna team is considered part of their family, with all the warmth, excitement, support and community feel that you find in a small town.

After many, many photo shoots at the camp, one even involving a remote control helicopter, many team dinners and a couple rides we went to visit ClifBar. Each of us got to go through all of the cliff products and make up a sample box to ship home. There are so many products, tonnes of which you can’t get in Canada from the kids Z bars to the luna moons and tea cakes. The team joined Cliff employees for a breakfast and some slideshows, we sat down with the Luna Sport Brand manager to share our product feedback and then we were off to Fontana.

I’m now kicking back in a hotel room. Georgia and I are both trying to catch up on a little blogging. Tonight I’m meeting up with canuck friends Mical and Matt for some pasta. Should be good!

Racing starts tomorrow. Yeehaa!


Anonymous said…
sweet bike! and your name looks cool on the trailer . Good luck at the race. You go girl!