Cactus & Coffee

The Luna Rig

Saguaro Cacti - It takes 50 years for each limb to sprout

At the course> The venue itself was pretty flat but mountains surrounded us on all sides

NMBS 2 in Fountain hills Arizona was an Omnium event. We arrived Monday after a long day on the road to be greeted by pleasant temperatures and many Saguaro Cacti. Racing Started Friday with a super D (more aptly named TT), Short track Saturday and xc Sunday.

This meant we had a pretty relaxed schedule so lots of time for desert rides, coffee and putting the feet up. Keith had no sympathy when I complained of boredom one evening.

The mechanics were stoked because the free time meant they could get in some wicked rides. Tuesday night all the mechanics and a couple riders got together for a BBQ and I got the inside scoop on how not to be a pain in the but rider! The week was also a good chance to get to know my team mates better without so much other stuff going on.

Super TT – the course was a sub 20 minute predominantly fire road track that varied from flat to 1% descent with a couple short climbs. The only technical demands were some pebbly corners. Mostly, it was about pedalling your heart out. Having only done one off road TT before I found it hard to gauge my sub 20 min effort, but was working hard when Wendy Simms caught me from behind. I expected her to hammer away, but found I could comfortably sit in and was planning my attack to try to take back some of the time she put into me. We went down a little dip and then chain suck. Or what I thought was chain suck. My chain had actually gotten tossed around and ended up jammed between my cassette and frame. After releasing my rear wheel I was able to free up the chain and get going again. I have to admit my heart wasn’t in it anymore knowing that that much time in a TT meant I was way out of the running. Georgia won by 2 seconds over Katerina, Wendy finished 3rd at 7 seconds, Delys Starr 4th and Mical Dyck 5th (Yeah girl). I finished 29th meaning this was my call up for tomorrow’s short track race. Chloe finished 17th, Emily Batty 19th, Catherine Vipond 20th and Amanda Sin 31st.

Short Track – After Breakfast Katerina and I headed out for a spin to loosen up our legs. The Short track started at 4:45 so we had loads of time to burn. Rather than using last year’s nighttime downtown crit course, this year the short track was held at the venue. The course was fun with some good corners and a steep sandy pitch we had to cyclocross up. I lined up in 3rd row behind my team mate Chloe. All the Lunas got off to good starts with Georgia, Katerina and Wendy again establishing themselves as the women to beat in short track. Chloe and I moved up into the top 10. Technical short tracks usually work better for me and I raced well moving up into 5th until fading back to 7th after a pull in the wind and not being able to stick with the girls behind me when they attacked.

Katerina took the win this weekend followed by Georgia. Wendy who had crashed earlier in the race finished 4th to Delys in a super close sprint. I rode in 7th, Mical 9th, Emily 14th, Chloe 17th and Vipond 18th.