Post Race

We spent Monday to Thursday near Houffalize in a house we had rented for the week. I don’t think I’ve been that worked from a race in a long time. I felt like crap for 2 days and by the time I started some intensity Wednesday my legs were still angry with me. Wednesday afternoon we drove to Huy to watch the finish of Fleche Wallone. We got to catch the last 500m up the wall of Huy (steep!). It’s kinda crazy to see all the classic and tour riders up close. They’re just human after all- young lean guys suffering. I was hoping I’d get to cheer on the Canadian women for their race, but we missed it.

Afterwords we headed to Liege for some Thai food. Georgia’s family has been staying with us creating some nice non-bike-focused conversation and making sure we’re all eating well, very well. The weather has been pretty gray with a dense layer of moisture always in the air, but not much rain. The grass is so green and all the blossom and tree buds have opened up.

Thursday we drove to Offenburg, Germanys and switched from French to German. We’re staying super close to the venue and I hoped on the course for three laps yesterday. It’s the exact same as last year with some added gravel to help if it rains. Yesterday was actually our nicest day here yet, full on sunshine all day. The course is in pretty good shape and just as fun with lots of time in the woods, single track climbs, a long switch back descent and 3 steep chute descents. My legs are opening up and I’m really looking forward to racing this weekend.