Dinner and travel

From the venue. Madrid

After Sunday's race the canadians got together at a restaurant by the venue for some good food and chatting. Ricky, Mical, Sandra and myself shared ox loin that we BBQ'd our self on the table. We all sampled the queso manchego (cured cheese), Iberico ham, roasted peppers and some horrid liquor the restaurant staff gifted us. As always when you're hanging out with this crew it was a great time and a perfect way to finish up our European adventure.

Kiara, Mical, sandra, Me, Emily, Derek and Amanada. Wendy, Alison and ricky also joined us. Thanks Pedalmag.com Be sure to read Sandra's write up on pur adventures!

A local poses with some Iberico ham. Very common to see a Pig leg on display to wet the appetite in Spain

Afterwards I hit up dinner 2 with Luna where I sampled Madrid's famed hot coco..like pudding and recommended by Kiara. We went to La Plaza Mayor in downtown Madrid so I finally got to see a bit of the city. Beautiful...just as all European cities seem to be. In the distance we could hear flamenco music and dancing.

Parking in europe is a lways a tight fit, but this was ridiculous. Some jerk parked right against our bumper and we only had an inch in front of us. Waldek had to do some tricky maneuvering and Zeph some good pushing to get us out with only minor rub marks. it was either that or sleep in the van and miss our flights.

Got to bed at 1:30 and up at 6am, no sleep on the airplane, by the time I got home I was marvbelling at how the body can function and how similar being extremely tired is to being tipsy. Good to be home though. Our yeard smells awesome with all the blossoming trees.
I'm now quite jetlagged.I'm now quite jetlagged.I'm now quite jetlagged.I'm now quite jetlagged.