Oakley Enduring

This weekend was perfect for trying out the new Oakley Enduring glasses with vented lenses. (Picture little air vents on these puppies). Santa Ynez was hot, really hot, 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). The race course wound its way up and over many rolling hills, unfortunately skirting the large beautiful Oak trees which could have offered us a couple seconds relief from the glaring sun. I was super impressed with the new lenses. I had no trouble fogging up even though I was panting like crazy. Can’t wait to have these babies when it gets really muggy! Check out Oakley.com


Dallas said…
Nice work Kika!.
It's so great to see the Canuck girls picking up where Alison left off. Are you going to Beijing? have you heard yet?.

I always dig your cool writeups too. Hopefully I can get Mical out to Revy with you and keith for some season ender fun rides.
rock on!

Kika said…
Thanks Dallas, we'd definitely love to see you guys in REvelstoke more!

Still 3 more selection events for Beijing, should know by June 30th.

Great work at the salty dog by the way. You and Mical are going to Kill it at the Trans Rockies!