Santa Ynez Short Track

Early Sunday morning before the heat built, Mical met up with the Luna crew and we all headed out to the Bulldog café with Blick from Oakley. With caffeine coursing through our veins we were ready for a ride and headed out along part of the tour of California route. My legs felt surprisingly decent so I wasn’t dreading the afternoon’s short track too much. After the ride we had a team breakfast at Paula’s Pancake house. Yum fruit filled pancakes! Georgia’s doing way better today. She’s decided to sit out the short track, but will be there to cheer us on.
Delicious Breakfast!

It’s crazy hot again, but only 100 degrees today! After a good warm up we were set to go. I had my best ever short track start claiming 2nd wheel right off the start. Kelli struggled in the first tight corner and I got past her for the lead. I tried to ramp up the tempo and split the field. Looking back there were about 8 girls with me. Through the start finish Mical went to the front. The leader switched with every lap and there were soon only 5 women in the lead group. Mical and Katerina tried to get away, but were reeled back in, but Katerina went again and this time the attack stuck. With Katerina off the front it was Heather, Kelli, Mical and I fighting for the remaining podium positions. With 3 laps to go I was sitting 4th wheel, but knew I’d have to get closer to the front. Next lap I was able to overtake Mical and knew where I had to make my next move. Last lap Kelli had the same idea, she got around Heather and my slight hesitation lost me 2nd wheel. Once Kelli got to the front she set a tempo I couldn’t attack from. It came down to a 4 up sprint with Kelli leading, Heather 2nd wheel and me 3rd, but being overtaken on the final stretch. Even though I lost the sprint my sprint is actually getting better and it was a fun fight. Mical and I both earned our 2nd podium finishes of the weekend.

That night we headed out for Italian and ran into the Trek crew. They were going out big after putting 3 girls on the podium Saturday and 1 today (Mical). So after Dinner the Trek Team, Luna, and Kabush who came to dinner with us headed to the bar next door. We took over the place –whose ceiling was covered in $1 bills – and more importantly the Juke box. We danced it up to some questionable music selections and also some classics. It was the perfect way to cap off the weekend of tough racing.