Mini golf and Soccer in Bern

After a very long travel day 6:30am till midnight Sandra and I were back with her aunt and uncle in Switzerland. Monday was relaxed with a great ride around the Bern countryside. Road riding in Switzerland is great. Tuesday we got in a good workout and then joined her family for 18 holes of minigolf and ice cream. I didn’t win…I tied for 2nd last.

It would have been hard not to notice that Switzerland is one of the host nations for the Euro championships of soccer. There are fans everywhere and all the bakeries had soccer ball shaped cookies and chocolates. Although no "Swiss" games were being played in Bern there were huge jumbo tvs set up downtown and almost every restaurant had the games playing. Sepp and Sonya gave Sandra and I each a Swiss shirt and we hopped the bus for down town. We strolled around checking out the craziness and settled on a pizza restaurant with a TV for dinner and people watching. Afterwards we headed to the Jumbo TV in time to see Switzerland score against Portugal.