Team Relay

Raphael, Derek, me and Evan after the relay

On Tuesday I raced the Team Relay for Canada. We started with Raphael Gagne our U23 man followed by me, Derek Zandstra was our senior man and Evan Guthrie our junior. It’s funny, but I think I was more nervous for this race than for most races I’ve done in my life. Racing as a team is different, different pressure and different excitement. There were 20 teams registered and all of our team except Raphael were new to the relay. It poured on and off all morning, but Chris had Medussas ready on my wheels. They were perfect for the sloppy conditions. Raph got us off to a good start finish lap 1 in 11th position and tagged off to me. I was out of the gate with an Ukranian guy and was doing a good job of sticking with him. About 3minutes in I caught and passed New Zealand rider Rosara Joseph and was passed by an Australian guy. I dug deep on the climbs and was making very few mistakes on the tricky descents so was feeling pretty good about my ride. About mid lap I caught the Swedish rider and had closed on a guy from the Czech Republic by the last descent. Unfortunately my attempts to get by him led to me having to dab and he pulled away into the start finish. I handed off to Derek in 10th position and he was able to move us up to 6th. Evan took over for the last lap and did a great job maintaining our 6th position and even duking it out in a sprint for 5th with the Czech Republic. It was definitely a respectable ride for our team. I even managed to post the fastest women’s time, by a full minute.

My teammates Katerina and Georgia were also in the relay. Georgia started it for the USA and had a good ride with their team finishing 8th. Katerina posted the 2nd fastest women’s time for Czech and their team claimed 5th in the same second as us. Too bad I didn’t get by the Czech guy in the woods!

I really liked getting out on course for a hot lap and am hoping it’ll help me dig last lap on Sunday. I’m feeling good about the race rain or shine and am ready to stop sitting around and get it on!

Then it’s back to Canada just in time to celebrate Keith’s birthday!