I think I like short tracks now

Like Criteriums, short track races used to inspire intense feelings of dread and anguish. I just hurt the whole time to suck at the race. 3 years later they are starting to be a lo9t of fun. Although ST mornings I usually wake up wondering how I will ever manage to go that hard in a couple hours an early morning spin and then a good warm up has me ready to go at race time.

The short track race in Windham was the best one yet for the men and women. It was a good course for short track. 2 short popper climbs, a descent and some flat stretches so places to attack, recover, attack. Georgia and Katerina got away early...and I had my best race start ever! I was in a chace group made of largely of Canadains (Wendy, Mical, Emily and Heather Irmiger and Sue Buttler). The race was interesting for me. I had 2 team mates up the road so I either had to sit in or get a clean attack away from the group with out dragging other girls up. Georgia was looking vulnerable ahead so brining the chase group up could have been bad. This meant I got to try to launch repeated attacks to split the group up hoping one would eventually work. Our chase group always came back together though with other girls attacking or bidging. with 2 laps to go Wendy got away and looked like she would take third, until Mical showed her cards bridging up to Wendy and outriding her for the final podium spot. Good job girls.