Thursday I flew into Albany from Kamloops as Keith was driving up from New Brunswick. Eastern US and Canada is beautiful with tons of lush green deciduous trees and rolling hills. The course here is fun. It has a long climb that winds in and out of the woods over lots of slate rock and then descends down a fast twisty trail. The women only had to race 3 laps which was actually kinda nice as it meant a sub 1hr30 race.

From the gun Georgia took the lead and I was able to grab 3rd wheel behind Lea Davison. By the top of the climb I had closed on Georgia and grabbed the lead. It was short lived however as she passed me back on the descent when I went wide on a corner. Georgia opened on me and I opened on Katerina. From there on out the race for the podium stayed the same. We were all riding similar to each other, one of us gaining 5 seconds in one section only to loose 5 seconds to that person in another section.

We’ve got short track tomorrow, then Monday we are driving to Quebec. Amanda, Kaesy, Mical, Keith and I are all planning a stop for some good trail riding on the way and then Keith and I will stay in Montreal to visit our friend Heather and do some sightseeing.