I'm on route! After two great weeks of training in the Kamloops heat, keith and I were up bright and early to catch our first flight. I was just as nervous heading to the airport as I am for any big race...and it's still 5 days away. I just can't wait to be there.

We're now enjoying the perks of the maple leaf lounge as we await our flight to beijing. From there I'll head off to the village and Keith will rendez vous with my mom, dad and cousin.

I'll try to put up a little blurb every day to share my experience!



Anonymous said…
Hey Kika, we are all rooting for you here in Fredericton!!!!!!! You have come so far, so fast and there is NO stopping you...you go girl!!! Best of luck and ENJOY the experience, I know you're ready to show Canada what you are made of. GO KIKA GO!!!
Anonymous said…
We wish you the all the best. Go Canada!
Anonymous said…
I wish you the best, I'll be watching you on tv!!!
Good Luck!!!
Amanda said…
hey kika,
have an awesome race and olympic experience. kaesy and i are planning on watching you bright an early friday morning. just giv'er
Anonymous said…
Another cheer and best wishes for you from The Timewell's!!!! We can't wait to watch you rip it up in Beijing!!!!
Anonymous said…
Fantastic ride.
We have been cheering for you all season and have been proud of you. Your Olympic ride was just another demonstration of excellence.
Good for you. Enjoy the rest of the summer now.