Some pics!

The luna crew enjoying some cappuchinos

Sandra and my cousin Adrian at our pancake breakfast in Italy

Atop the Fluela pass

Our new kitten has taken to breast feeding off of our large male cat Isaa! He doesn't seem to mind though

The BBQ I just assembled all by my self!


Anonymous said…
Hi Former science student and now world champion mountain biker:
Wow, have you ever done well since you left the little hamlet of Harvey and I have been following your career as close as possible. I sent you an email about a year before the Olympics wishing you the best of luck on making the team . I also watched very intently the day of your race at the Olympics. I was so proud of you that day but a very sad that you missed a third place . I spoke with your dad two days ago in Sobeys and he updated me on what you have and will be doing in the months ahead.
I have been retired from teaching since 1996 and loving every day. My health is good but I am not as active as before. I wish you the best in the future .Say hello to brother Geoff for me. My email is Once again I want to tell you how proud I am of you . I still remember your smile from school and if you look at most of your pictures you are smiling in 99% of them. Bye for now . Good luck in South America.
Mr. Science
Richard Phillips