Luna Team Camp and Summit

Now I’m really back at the pro cyclist schedule. I flew from Chile at 8pm and arrived in Miami at 4 am. 3 hrs later and a good little nap on the floor of the airport after not getting much sleep on the plane, still wired from the race, I was on a flight to San Francisco.

I met up with some of my Luna team mates in Mill Valley and helped pack all of our new team gear into the team trailer. From here we headed to Napa Valley for our camp. At 6:30 pm Georgia, Chloe and I arrived in Napa with mechanics Chris and Zeph and were able to get our first shower since the race. There is nothing quite as humanizing as a shower! Gary and Kit, owners of ClifBar had dinner ready for us as the team trickled in from all over for the kick off to another great year.

Team camp is more about photo shoots, dialling in new equipment, sizing and schedules than about training, but this year’s location in Napa allowed us to get in a lot more riding than in years past. Based out of Gary and Kit’s place we took full advantage of the great road riding and weather to do long rides and catch up with each other. Not getting to see the tri and xterra girls as much it was a great chance to catch up with Terra, Danelle, Shonny, Cathy, Tyler and Linda. With Gary and Kit’s passion for good food we were well taken care of!

By Thursday we were reluctantly packing up to leave the Erickson’s, but excited to be heading back to San Francisco for the Luna Summit. The Summit is where all the leaders of Luna local teams come together to visit ClifBar, share our success with the Breast Cancer Fund and have lots of clinics and fun with Luna Chixs from all over the US. 125 women attended this year’s summit and could boast having fundraised $280 000 over the last 4 years for the Breast Cancer Fund (that’s in addition to the 2 million ClifBar and Company has donated through fundraisers and Energy bar proceeds ver the years).

It was pretty inspiring to be surrounded by some many healthy energetic women. The teams got to learn about cross fit, heart rate training, chi running, bike mechanics and nutrition as well as doing swim, run and bike clinics with the Pro team athletes. Every night we’d eat together and have some Q&A so we could share our athletic and life experiences with each other. With last year’s hectic schedule I missed the summit. This year I got a much broader intro to the Luna program and feel even luckier with my good fortune at finding this team and company to ride for. Team Luna Chixs is launching our website at the end of April so be sure to check out


Anonymous said…
It was such an honor to ride with you on Saturday! You're an inspiration to us and we're all rooting for you again this year. Chix rock!