US Cup 1

So I'm getting better at this race update thing. Of course 3hr layovers at the airport help!

I've almost made it back to Kamloops after the most last minute race travelling the Luna Team has done yet.

My last post said that we had Luna Summit this weekend in San Fran. Well we did. Saturday Georgia, Chloe and I were leading 4hr mtb rides with the Luna Local teams and sunday morning we were up at 4:30 am and headed to the airport. The night before Zeph drove our race bikes to Fontana California and we stayed to ride and have dinner and Q&A at the summit. For the first time ever we were going to try flying in the morning of the race. It went pretty smoothly though and we were at the venue by 9am for our 11:30 race.

My legs felt surprisingly good. Georgia was able to sneak on course to scope out a lap and brought back reports of a hike a bike section added to the otherwise shortened loop. I was able to sneak on and check out the climb and sure enough it was going to be a tricky one. It was steep and loose and had sone large rocks we had to surge up and over.

Luna got the 1,2,3 call up and before we knew it racing was underway with georgia leading out a string of girls. I was able to take over the lead several minutes in only to crash on my head on the first descent. There's something about dry loose descents that makes me want ride uber sketchily. Georgia retook the lead and was riding really well. For three of the 4 laps Georgia and i traded positions. I was climbing really well and moving ahead there, but she was realing me in on the descents and flats. Heading into the last lap she opened a gap I wasn't able to reclose and from there stretched it. I definitely feel like i've got winning legs right now, but my lack of mtb skills on the day was distracting and i just couldn't dig enough to hold her. I finished in 2nd ahead of Heather Irmiger (3rd), Emily Batty (4th), Willow Koerber (5th) and Amanda Sin (6th). Chloe rode a great top 12.

We were given ginormous trophies and Georgia took on the leaders Jersey. Thanks to Waldek, Chris and Zeph for making everything run so smoothly all week. You guys are the best!

Check out this link for race footage and interviews