In Belgium

Well the sun is shinning in belgium and the course is drying up. the fruit filled waffles are as tasty as remembered and it's been great to have my coach dan at the races with me this year. i think he's officially addicted to europe and the mtb world cup scene. i know i seem to be blog hopping, but luna is launching our new website soon so my blogs will probably be here and there.

The team is just whittling down the days to the next race, sampling lots of chocoalte, pastries and coffee. After the race sunday in Houffalize I'm joing the Polish team and heading to Jelnia Gora for a race. Should be interesting. After that keith and I have an itlian adventure planned before he heads back to Canada and work and i head to Madrid and work!

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Anonymous said…
Yeah! Nice work on the weekend Catharine!
Dan Hill
bathmate said…
thanks for blogging