Italy Days 4-8

Lake como - Keith left me on the 18th and it was sad. Our trip was so amazing! I still had a great time solo as I headed to Lake Como for a couple days and got in some great rides. Almost rode back to Switzerland one day. Como was my favourite big city in Italy. It was quieter - ie less scooter drivers risking their lives and traffic jams. It was clean with lots of cobbled pedestrian streets and had some good shopping if you were so inclined!

Cappuchinos on the Riviera near Rapollo

Pisa- seeing the sights was nice, but we are sooo glad that our tourism is riding through mtns, forests and around castle ruins

Riding near Bagni di Lucca keith and I happened upon mtb trails. We also found a bamboo forest. The trails took us through little towns and tonnes of cobbled forest paths

Keith got the high score in the Ferrai video game. I did not.

Ferrari museum in manarello