Racing the madrid World cup tomorrow at 10 am. It looks like we'll do 5 laps, although there has been talk of 4. It started raining last night bringing the temperatures down and turning sections of the course to claylike slickness. I rarely complain about a wet course though! The lap will be a bit slower, but should be easier to rail slick corners than pebbles on hard pack. The climbs are slick, but traction was hard to get before when it was loose so either way it's a challenge.

I'm feeling good and got my final lap in before tomore. Today's goal is now to find good food in Madrid. In the last two years we have been unsuccessful. Georgia was pretty dissappointed yesterday when her mixed- vegetable sandwich came loade with ham, cheese and mayo with a couple visible shreds of lettuce.

Coming home monday after more than a month in Europe. Yeah!


Terra said…
Hey girl!
Just thinking of you! I have an ITU athlete from Canada (ottawa)staying with us right now for a race and it reminds me that Zane and I HAVE to come visit sometime soon.
Looks like you and the super hubby had a blessed time in Italy! COOL!
Travel safe home and tell the kitties hello. Hopefully they won't be swinging from the blinds this time :)