Keith and I met up in Zurich yesterday morning and hoped in our rental fiat hatch back. We had a general idea of where we wanted to go, Italy, and head off in that direction. Being used to longer distances on maps we blew by our intended exit and headed into the mountains. Neither of us were too dissppointed by that. We tried to go over the Fluela pass, but we're denied by snow so instead we drove our car onto a train and were taken through an 18km tunnel under the mountain to our destination of Zernez, Switzerland. We'll hang out here for another day before heading to Cortina Italy.
Mountains and serious hot dogs in Klosters, Switzerland.
Sandra I got to recount all of our adventures in Saas to Keith as we went through the Graubunden.
Happy Mom's day to Mum and Sues and Happy Birthday Sues!!!!!


Anonymous said…
Aside from the both obvious and ongoing congradulations on your recent cycling successes (no really I think any time i've emailed you in the last 4 years its been a cycling related congradulations)- I'm boggled by that hotdog- is that really cucumber in there?
Wow, don't really know how I feel about that...

Have fun and say hi to Keith for me!