World cup racing

One thing is certain. If you get to ride at the front of a world cup you will be suffering, you just hope it’ll earn you a good result!

I’m madly trying to catch up on some internetting as we move from Offenburg Germany to Houffalize Belgium for round three of the world cup.

So the quick story is that Offenburg was great. We raced onsunday, April 26th under sunny skies and a green canopy. Georgia and I actually got to start in the 4th row rather than 5th and with my loads of experience making up for slow starts I was able to move into the top 6 by the end of 1st lap. (I also won another bet with Waldek for a good start). Marga Fullana was off the front by 25 seconds and I was in a chase group of about 4 women. Another fast lap had us reeling in Irina Kalentieva of Russia (and the one that nabbed the olympic bronze from me by 9 seconds). I went to the front and hard up the next climb hoping to thin out our chase group, but the thing about racing at the front of a world cup is that you can’t just ride girls off your wheel any longer. It was then time to sit in and plan how to get away near the end of the race. For the next 3 laps our chase group stuck together. Every once in a while someone would make a move but it would get brought back. That is all moves, but one from the chinese rider Ren. With 2 laps to go she drove past us on a climb. I stuck with her for half a lap, but the pace was relentless. I don’t think she ever sat down!

Finally i popped off and was brought in by Irina, Lene and Elisabeth Osl. On the last lap everyone was putting in their final surges and it was me that got spit. I think I paid for that early move to the front and my horrible job at hydrating and fuelling. I’ll pay for that one tomorrow.

In the end I claimed 6th, one off the podium, but can rest happily knowing I completely emptied the tank for that placing. Georgia finished a solid 12th so we’ll both enjoy better call ups this sunday in Houffalize.

Post race we joined up with the gary fischer and maxxis teams for a great feast at our favorite restaurant in Offenburg. It’s a little Italian place called Donna’s with great homemade gnocci and the most delicous house olive oil.
and yes I did pay for my poor hydration -not to mention jet lag and poor sleeps- I feltlike I had a big hangover the next day.