Ahh, home time has been good. The whole family was back together on Sunday night with Keith and I returning from Test of Metal and Catherine and Matt back from the Canada Cups. We celebrated with a little BBQ and playing fetch with our cat Oly who has been in Catherine withdrawl the past several weeks.

Test of Metal was awesome. It's fun to go back to the races where I feel like I got my start at racing elite. About 10 of us from Kamloops camped at Alice Lake. I had my best sleeps of the week in the tent...a good thing going into the BC bike race!

The weather at night was cool and drizzly which made for perfect race conditions; temperature and traction wise. 1006 people started the mass start 60+km mtb race and over 950 finished. Pretty good survival rate. For me the race was great. I got to lead start to finish and collect all 10 $100 primes and ride with a lot of friendly fun guys. More satisfying than the cash purse however was coming out on top in the inter-Kamloops challenge. That's right boys that win was for yer wives & girlfriends! Drew M, I'll be looking for you next year;-)

Keith also had a good race posting his best ever test time while still finding time for a tea and crumpet break with Martin D mid race. He's got some race fire back so watch out next year.

Thanks to Nick and Russ for the feeds!

I'm in Vancouver now with the Luna team as we prep for the BC bike race start on Sunday.