mom and Dad, my super fans
After Nationals Keith and I headed to New Brunswick to visit my parents and friends. I'm always blown away by how much forest there is in NB. Without the huge mountains the rolling forested hills seem to go on forever. There are also so many lakes and rivers that it's a great place to get away for some family fun. Dad and I got out for a Kayak on Harvey Lake and Keith and I did a couple rides along the Saint John River.

Mom at her book launch for Don Messer: The Man Behind the Music
Although she workd full time my mom also has a passion for writing and has just published her 4th book. We got to go to her first launch which was a huge success and a nice chance for me to see a lot of familiar faces from the past.

Keith and I also enjoyed a visit to Jonnie's Java for freshly roasted americanos in Fredericton. I also learned from a friend that I too could roast my own coffee as they do! Green beans stay fresh for a long time and you can just roast a pound at a time! You also get to enjoy the delicious aroma. The Grean beanery in Toronto is a not for profit coffee retailer that can hook you up!

Fredericton also has the best Farmer's market ever so Saturday I dragged Keith in with me to smell the fresh and delicous samosas, souvlaki & Sausages while we walked by organic pastries, yogurts and cheeses, jams and locally made art & crafts. I think I got a bigger Kick out of it than him, but he enjoyed the fresh jam (from my town of Harvey) just as much.