Mt Snow Vermont: Relaxing, Crashing, Cross Country & Short Track

Photos courtesy of Dave Kraus dbkraus at

Looks like Chloe and I could be doing a lot of this next week!

The week leading into this race was mellow. We went to see Harry Potter at the small local theatre, hit up the local dinners and Keith and I got out for some superb road rides. Oh yeah and we went to Kingdom trails on our way down from Bromont. The trails were amazing and are the hub of the little town of East Burke.

It’s been 3 years since I’ve been able to race in Mt. Snow. The last two years it has held US Nationals. It was here in 2005 that I kinda had my break through ride. I raced up to 2nd position behind Shinny Vanlandingham with about 20 minutes of racing to go when I blew spectacularly and finished 9th.

This year went much better for me… well at least the xc. I decided to race my Orbea Oiz, our carbon full suspension bike, to give me a bit of a mental break from the intense racing I had done over the last month. It did the trick as I had a lot of fun out there and climbed as well as I would have on my hard tail. Katerina and I got away early and she quickly showed me the day would be won not by who had the most suspension, but by whoever was willing to descend more aggressively. We climbed together and flew down the descent. Just after the first tech zone she hoped off her bike and was checking her tires. As she had passed the tech zone already she wasn’t allowed to back track and would have to ride to the next one or fix the tire herself.

After that I was by myself and got to settle in. I felt good and the sun was shinning. A gap was growing between me and the chasing duo of Willow and Heather until I crashed 3rd lap going down on a slick root in a puddle. Last lap I tried to ride consistently, which may have proved fatal in a longer race as Heather and Willow were racing each other behind me and bringing down the gap. It would have been great to have Katerina up at the front to race with, but will have to save that for Windham next week! Congrats to Chloe for her first xc top 10 of the season.

Short track

A post race team dinner at the local Italian restaurant Ravello had us fuelled for the short track the next day. Mt Snow, which was also hosting a bike festival that weekend with lots of kids activities and entertainment, put together a great short track loop. There was a solid climb, a winding descent, some flats and sharp corners. All the ingredients for a but- kicking 20 minutes of exertion.

Luna wanted to get back to the good old days of team racing so planned to keep the pace high. Georgia, Katerina and I got into the lead group with Heather, Willow, Mary and Lea. After a couple laps it was down to a Luna/Subaru GF battle with Katerina and I taking turns at the front. 15 minutes in I decided to make an attempt to get away. Things were going great until I flew into a right hand corner and came out flying off…but not on my bike I did a full summersault and flatted in the process. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but the same corner claimed 3 people that day.

Katerina Launched a flyer next lap and held off the fast charging Duo of Heather and Willow to take the win. Georgia rode in for her 2nd 4th of the weekend and Chloe took another top 10. Aside from a couple more scratches and some tight muscles I made it out of the crash ok.

Keith's on his way back to NB & BC and half the team has gone off to visit family so it's a quiet week for me, Chloe and Zeph in West Dover, Vermont.


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