Back to Work

Brrr. Kamloops is cold. Keith and I headed out skiing the day after I got back from Cuba. The wind was soo cold it hurt my face., but skiing was good. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to enjoy the slight tan I got as the change from hot to cold made my face break out in a rash. Lovely.

I thought that I’d be super motivated to train when I got back, but after the ocean the trainer or frigid temperature exercising weren’t super appealing. But as it’s already December it’s time to suck it up Princess and get to work.

After a weekend with Keith skiing in SilverStar and Sovereign lake; skiing beautifully groomed trails around and over the mountain I’ve regained my love of winter.

We got to check out some of the Nordic Olympic hopefuls in action Saturday and Sunday at Sovereign. We also rode the chairlift with our xc skis. I fell on my but getting off, but stayed upright for the sweet descent from 1900m to 1600m.

Keith’s highlight of the weekend was me dragging him to see Twilight: New Moon. I’m sure he’ll agree.

Temperatures climbed to above zero and the next weekend we were off to visit Keith's parents in Revelstoke and drop of presents and the 3 Kitties with them before we head to NB. Thank you! Visiting Sues and Grainger always means great meals and company, and at christmas an endless supply of delicous baking.

To contain our blood glucose levels we got in lots of skiing and snowshoeing between Revelstoke and Salmon arm and got home pleasantly tired in time to celebrate Christmas early with Matt and Catherine before we all head off to our separate family adventures.

Thanks Sandra for the exciting present unwrap countdown! I wish I had pictures, but was too caught up in the frenzy.

Keith and I are now on our way to NB