Christmas, weddings and winter training

Geoff prepares a delicious dinner from the "White Water" whie in NB

On December 21st Keith and I were off to NB. NB greeted us with 24hrs of snow which had us pretty excited for skiing. Unfortunately the warm temperatures and Christmas break meant the trails weren’t groomed for skating, but that just gave us the opportunity to do a lot of snowshoeing around my parents farm.

6 days at home passed very quickly. It was great to be home for Christmas and get to spend it with my brother and parents. But Keith and I had more plans for the holiday. After 2 sleeps at home and a great ski at Stake we were off towards Calgary of a snow venture. We skied Larch hills and Golden, both were spectacular, discovered a delicious restaurant in Golden (mountain view Bistro), as well as getting some awesome home cooked meals in Revelstoke with the in laws.

After waking up to –27 in Canmore we bailed on skiing or snowshoeing and went out for Breakfast. Our friends Jen & Chris were getting married in Calgary at 1 so we were off again.

Since getting married I’ve discovered I really like weddings. They’re all about celebrating life and love with all your friends and family. It’s hard to create a better day or moment. Biker weddings also mean getting to see all your bike friends get dressed up! The wedding and reception we’re great and a fun way to bring in the New year. The quality street chocolates decorating the tables were a brilliant idea.

Keith and the lucky groom Chris

Jen and Sandra

Sandra had her eye on the prize

As we left Calgary and entered the Kananaskis we had been admiring this crazy cloud.

Turns out it signalled a Chinook and as we drove our windshield, side windows and side mirrors suddenly iced over…as did the road. After a couple sketchy seconds we could see again, but it was definitely one of our weirder driving experiences.

We stopped for an amazing ski in Field, BC on New Year's day for a classic ski on skier set trails. We really got to enjoy the mountains here.

Now warm weather means the best of both worlds. Riding in town (no mtb yet) and skiing up high. Yippee for Kamloops winters! The next few weeks should be fun with a 30km ski race at Stake and the Torch relay on the 27th.