Ski race time!

I guess skate skiing is one of those things that looks beautiful in motion, but not necessarily in photo!

Ahh winter. Can I call it that when we are riding snow free in the valley? This winter has been very cooperative to training with temperatures often ranging from 2-7 degrees in the day, the roads becoming clear and dry and the city even sweeping the streets for us. I do kinda feel like I’m cheating a bit, not slogging it out on the trainer and choosing to ride rather than ski some days, but when you’re given a gift you take it!

Skiing has been phenomenal too though. Sunday marked our houses ‘ annual ski race. This year, the 30 km skate loppet at Stake Lake. Last year Catherine V and I raced it to the finish with her powering away from me in the final Km. This year I was hoping to use my improved ski technique to contest the finish. After feeling demolished last year in the 50km race Matt joined us for 30 and Keith had to sit out the racing and just try skiing without hacking up a lung.

This year Catherine and I started faster and stayed in a front group … not with Matt and Martin though. By the end of lap 1 and into Lap 2 we were skiing in the top 10 and going fully anaerobic at times to stay with our group and stretch the gap to the chasers. I was able to slowly edge away with 2 other guys and then just hold it together for a final climbing charge to win the women’s field and finish 6th overall in a time of 1hr 33min. Matt won handily by over 5min in a time of 1.22 (and will be forced by us to race the 50km again next year!) Catherine finished close behind me to grab 2nd female. Go Team!