Part 2

Part 2 of our journey began with rain, rain and more driving rain. We hit the trails in Oakridge only to slowly slog our way over soft spongy trails. The next day...when it was still raining and Keith was getting a sinus infection we decided to bail on riding in the rain in favour of driving in the rain. We passed through some torrential storms, but by the time we hit Seattle it was clear and sunny.

We over-nighted in White Rock and while Keith headed to a medical clinic to get antibiotics I headed out for a road ride in dry weather! Then it was onto the Ferry and over to Victoria to visit Geoff, deep in the throes of renovating the Bike shop they hope to open this weekend. Geoff and 3 other friends are opening Oak Bay Bikes West Shore in Langford and it's going to be the best shop on the island so go buy a bike from them. Please note also how spot free the floor is that I scrubbed clean.

Dan struts his stuff

Chris and Jammer discuss cabinets

What will soon be a fine looking shop for Geoff, Ken, Chris and Dan

Keith,Geoff and I got in some racing at the dump on Sunday with a little Island Cup action which turned into a good women's field with Mical Dyck and Mel Mcquaid showing up and Keith's athlete's taking 1,2,&3 in the men's race. The dump was super fun techy riding and I think everyone had a great time...except maybe Geoff who flatted half way into 1st lap. We had kinda lost track of time with him making ome delicious pancakes that morning and he had about 5 minutes to race prep his wonderful girlfriend, Liz's bike in order to borrow it for the race. Prep did not include inflating tires.

So now we've gotten in some great riding, some sushi feasting with friends and a little elbow grease into Geoff's shop. A bit more riding and elbow grease and it's back to Kamloops for our 16 degrees on Saturday.


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