Road trip

Keith is on Spring break, so we have hit the road for a road trip. Neither of us have spent any time in Oregon so we decided to check it out with a pit stop in Penticton on the way to visit some friends and enjoy the ever fantastic road riding there.

Our route to Oregon took us through Dry Falls and along the Columbia River Gorge, a super scenic and diverse area with huge gorges formed by the river and neat rock projections created by lava flows. We would have been itching to ride on our rest day had it not been for the killer head wind...which we later realized was bringing a cold front to Oregon.

We had some awesome mexican food and coffee in Goldendale before getting to enjoy th ePost Canyon trails in Hood River on our way to visit friends Matt and Karen and their little guys Ava and Miles.

Buy this point, it is not just raining, but driving rain. But Corvallis is very bike friendly with bike lanes everywhere and we got a rain free pocket to get out for a great ride. We couldn't climb far up Mary's Peak due to low snow so will just have to come back in a more summery time of year.
After a great visit we're on the road to Oakridge and then Bend or Mckenzie River or both,before making our way up the coast to vancouver Island where my bro is working away to get his new bike shop finished and opened asap.
Wish us good weather!


Pedal Circles said…
Hope the weather is warming up! Here in So Cal we have gotten slightly nicer temperatures.