Dalby World Cup

Dalby was awesome. The course was super fun and I'm feeling great on my bike. If only I could learn to start and not go from 3rd to 33rd in the first 30 seconds!

Katerina had an amazing start and Georgia and I moved up together to the top 10 by lap 2. I crashed pretty good and then caught back up to Georgia who had joined Katerina by lap 3. From there on out we formed the Luna train. It was super nice to have team mates to ride with and we stayed together till about 3 minutes to go when Georgia put in a surge and Katerina went with it. I tried, but I had used all my surges early on and there was nothing left. I could see a rider behind me and was trying to push hard to the finish to nab the last podium spot, but it wasn't to be and I got out sprinted on the finishing stretch, finishing sixth.

Katerina out sprinted Georgia for 3rd and Luna grabbed the top team spot. A pretty solid day, but a bit disappointing for me as I felt with a better start I had the legs to do better. The thing about racing though is that it comes down to more than just legs.