So I guess it is time for another update.

Resist Corporate Coffee...Amy and I do our part to support the local guy in Seaside... Ahh the sacrifices

Chris and Zak getting ready for Breakfast at Mama's in Mill Valley

Wouldn't be a trip to San fran without a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. We actually had sun at this photo shoot! Ethan took lots of people pics which hopefully I'll share later

Our photo camp started off with casual shots at Picolo's coffee shop in Sausalito. Good idea Dave

I'm now healthy and already on my second trip,first team camp and then Luna Summit, but have yet to have tested my form in a big race.

I'm hanging out in Seaside California with my new team mate Amy Dombrowski. Seaside and Monterey are pretty awesome with bike paths all along the coast line where you can check out otters bathing on rocks,oh yeah and it is sunny now!

This past weekend was the Luna Summit, where 130 women from Luna local teams all over the USA come to learn more about the Luna program, learn from the pros and other accomplished women and feed off of each other's energy for a great weekend of learning, networking and having an awesome time. A rainy weekend didn't slow these gals down at all as we headed out on the mtb, road, for runs and swims (some even in open water).

We learned how the Luna program has contributed over 3 million dollars to the Breast cancer Fund and how only 10% of Breast cancer cases are genetically linked, environmental causes being linked to the other 90%. Scary. The Luna program began its relationship with the Breast cancer Fund about 10 years ago with ClifBar's goal to bring these women an energy bar that wouldn't be rock solid when they climbed summits in support of Breast cancer prevention research. Check out

After this great weekend, the Luna Pros went their separate ways till Sea Otter, while Georgia, Amy and I rented a mini van and drove to Monterey for a fox demo. I got to play soccer mom while Georgia and Amy were my navigators. We made great time even through the deluge of rain and got out for a great coast line ride and Bajito Bowls and fish tacos at the fish wife. We spent Tuesday hanging out with the wicked crew at Fox and Bike media from as far away as Germany testing out forks and shocks while riding out at Laguna Seca.

Fox was awesome taking the time to make sure we knew how to best dial in our forks and understood how everything works. The terra Logic fork (stable platform) has been perfected this year by creating a more supple fork that still has a distinct on/off option.

We now have 2 days event free to train and rest up for racing this weekend!


allison said…
Best of luck this weekend!