Seeing as I race World cup 3 tomorrow, thought I should finally post on WC 2!

So what do you do with yourself for 4 days of light training and heavy recovery when you're out on a farm in Belgium with no internet, phones of english tv? Rides and yoga in the am and a pot of coffee, good books and chatting in the afternoon. We were pretty stir crazy by the end of the week so went out to the "Big city" of Bastogne for some delicous thai food. I got to practice my french a bit in Belgium which is always good and some forced recovery probably wasn't bad either.

After another sunny week, like Dalby it rained race morning. This time it didn't just rain though, it poured. Luckily we now had our mechanic Zak with us and he got us changed over to some gripper maxxis tires for the super slick course.

Determined to not have a repeat of Dalby I had a stellar start and entered the woods in the top group. Unfortunately a couple crashes on the first descent meant that 3 women got off the front. Houffalize was a frustrating race for me. I feel I had the legs, but was slipping and sliding so much on the descents I got tentative and couldn't get into a good rhythm. I was close to the lead for much of the race, but never got to the front and although I did nab that last podium position this week I again got out ridden for a spot near the end. A 5th tells me I'm on track, but I'm still hungry for a result higher up on that podium.
Although not the Luna train in pursuit of the previous weekend we still claimed the top team position with my 5th, Katerina's 9th and Georgia's 14th and got to celebrate with some gigantic beers.