Mischief managed

Ha, ha now that I have raced well it is safe to post this!!!

When I'm home I feel like i'm always getting into mischief, at least from my husband's perspective. When he comes home from work I am often surrounded by the evidence of my latest whim. Sometimes it's bike components that came apart easily enough, but don't want to go back together. Other times it is intensive -house altering work like stripping the paint from our stairs or building some piece of furniture. Often I undertake projects without quite realizing how much work will be involved and am in over my head when he gets home.

It's like the Marauder's map in Harry Potter, where after devising their latest scheme, which inevitably gets them in trouble, they snap their wand and say mischief managed to make the map and it's incriminating details disappear. For me it's when I look at the time and realize Keith will be home in 10 minutes from work so I should really go clean up my sprawl of crap before he sees what I have gotten myself into and, will inevitably need his assistance to get out of. Luckily he is often amused.

What can I say, I like to learn by trial and error. My latest project has been xeriscaping our front yard. It just feels wrong to be watering it enough to keep a lawn green through a Kamloops summer. So every ride I do I am distracted by what shrubs my neighbours have or where good stashes of rocks and mulch might be found.

Phase 1 of the yard has actually gone quite well and I am happy to say my yard looks good (at least in my opinion) and I did it completely without relying on outside help...well maybe I relied heavily on Art Knapp staff for their knowledge. The city of Kamloops also gives out some pretty excellent guide books at the market too.

Working on the yard was a good mental distraction from the cycling world and has left me feeling more energized for life, riding and my garden.
Here is Phase 1.

Phase 2 will be taking care of the portion along the sidewalk and the hard to mow slope with some warm coloured rocks. Maybe a japanese maple and a diablo ninebark, lots more mulching and some dandelion removal!