Ahh Germany, where they sell beer in vending machines for the same price as water. Unlike the previous 2 world cups that started sunny and rained race day, Offenburg is reversing the trend with slick mud leading into the race and promises of sunny skies and dry(er) race conditions. The course is the exact same as previous years, fun and deceptively physically fatiguing. My coach Dan headed out for a lap with me and we laughed our way around the slippery course. I started on a fast rolling tire, but was sliding all over. A quick switch to Ignitors though and I was grinning ear to ear as i played in the mud.

Offenburg is surrounded by vineyards and I have to admit feeling rather spoiled as I stair out of my bed up at a castle.

Yes I was lying in bed taking a picture of what I see from the balcony!

Race in T minus 26 hrs


Unknown said…
Congratulations Catharine! It's great to see the Cdn ladies do so well. Enjoy that winning feeling!

Fernie, B.C.