Nimby Fifty


Keith and I had pretty much the perfect weekend. We headed down to Pemberton last friday after work for a weekend of camping and riding. We camped at Nairn Falls, and although it rained all night, the air felt so good and we slept awesome. After a week of 6hr jet lagged sleeps I got 9hrs our first night tenting and 10 the next.

We did realize in the morning that out tent fly wasn't as waterproof as it once was, but we stayed warm and mostly dry. That morning we raced the Nimby fifty. A combination of Pemberton's new and established trails. After a controlled start and some fire road climbing we worked our way up an 11km, 1hr single track climb. The trails were beautifully made and lead us to some stellar descending down rock faces and twisty forest trails. The second part of the course was tough. A lot of steep climbs greeted tired legs, but lots more fun descending was also to come!

The event capped off with a party dj'd by papa Josh, burgers, salads and drinks. The rain even let off. I love these smaller grassroot races with a real community feel and lots of people that just love riding their bikes. Good times!

That night we bailed on our soggy tent, that had gotten wetter since the morning, in favour of our truck and canopy. We feasted at the Wildwood (salmon and Risotto) that evening with friends, slept amazingly and the next morning, post camp-style oatmeal headed to the Blackbird Bakery for some delicious espresso and to top up with cinnamon buns before another great day of riding. Thanks Glen, Ken and Karen for the great company! Russ and Dean for the great racing!


Unknown said…
Great post Catharine. It was awesome having you come out to race here in Pemby, and hope you will come back again next year!

All the best for the rest of your race season. Keep it up!

Terry Evans - Nimby Fifty Race Organizer