BCBR: Final stage

Last week was an awesome week of riding and racing with my race Partner Geoff Kabush. I'll sum it day to day with some highlights from each stage.

Last year my luna teammate Katerina Nash and I raced together. We were so perfectly matched and could rail the singletrack I was a little nervous of trying another partner, particularly an uber fast elite male, but passing up on the opportunity to race with Geoff Kabush, fellow Canadian National Champion and World cup winner and getting to follow his lines on some of the worlds best Singletrack for a week, was an opportunity I would have been foolish to pass up.

My Team for the week

Geoff "Super Domestique" Kabush

Amanda Soigneur and gourmet sandwich maker.

James "Jimmy" Sullivan: team mechanic. Yes I will fully admit that those people that do stage races without this kinda stellar support are doing a whole other level of endurance racing.

Day 7: Whistler. After another great sleep in Squamish we headed to Whistler for the final stage. I felt great, but know with today's short stage I should really get a warm up in. No time though so it's to the start line. I felt awesome for about 10 pedal strokes and then nothing. Sorry Geoff, no chicking was going to happen today.

Whistler put on a great stage this year. Sending us up easy does it to the Crank it up descent down the Bike Park. Due to a tight area we went off in waves of 50. Unfortunately our wave after climbing a 20+% climb took a turn down singletrack and had to climb back up, reaching the summit just as wave 2 did. A bit of a cluster, but we pulled ahead again. Geoff took advantage of the open climbing to get in an all out effort and chased down the lead guys while I settled into a maintainable pace.

Crank it up was a giggle with beautiful bermed corners, table tops, doubles and jumps. From there we headed to the lost lake trails which consist of gazillions of rocks and bridges to ride up, over and down. The Stage was a short 1h34.23. Definitely my worst legs of the week, but a good day none the less.

Check out the helmet cam videos at cyclingdirt.org

Geoff and I took our 8th consecutive win, while Wendy Simms and Norm Thibault challenged Mical Dyck and Jeff Neilsen for 2nd Place. Jeff's gunshow on the final podium showed their team's winning edge!

Awards, Dirty Burgers, nap, shower and final Banquet. It was an awesome week and I couldn't have asked for a better team mate than Geoff. All the riders were so much fun to race with and the race staff, volunteers and riders wicked to hangout with all week.

20hrs 27minutes 54s of racing, 5th fastest team overall. Same tires all week (Maxxis Ikons 2.2) and no flats, no mechanicals, no blow ups, no bad days, just lots of good riding, new friends and beautiful travels. I feel recharged and excited for the rest of the summer's racing!

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