Hanging with the Seattle Luna crew

tuckered out by the end of the day! Lavonne, Sara, me and Carrie

This weekend I had the fantastic fortune of heading down to Seattle to hang out with the Seattle Luna Chix. I was invited to give a skills clinic at Duthie Hills in Isquaa to Luna riders and local women.

We got a great group of enthusiastic women who had decided to brush the dust of their bikes and get back into riding, or gain some more skills for their tool bag. It's always amazing to see women's confidence grow and how much smoother and relaxed of riders they can become in 3hrs!

Duthie Hills was fantastic for the event. I had traveled to Seattle expecting to be coaching out of a soccer field or school yard when in fact we were treated to a skills park with a cloverleaf of trails branching off from the park. A trail named Bootcamp was reminiscent of a 15 min pump track. wicked! The area was created and maintained by the Evergreen Club and is well worth checking out.

From Basic body position to climbing, cornering, descending and small obstacles we covered it all just before the skies opened up. A couple hard cores stuck around after the clinic for a ride and then we headed back to my host's (Sara) place for a potluck. (Gabe we need your pictures!)

Thanks so much to Sara and Andy and the Seattle Luna crew for hosting Keith and I and showing us the trails.


LaVonne said…
I'm not sure my mountain biking has ever been referred to as hard core! Ha! It was a great clinic, thanks so much! I brought a friend out this week to a local school and I taught her what I learned from you - cornering, small obstacles, etc. It was fun! Thank you!!!!

- LaVonne
Kika said…
Awesome. More time on the dirt!