World Cup: Val di Sole

So we're all settled into a nice apartment, good coffee and ah yes we found a nice pizzeria right by the venue. Prep went well. The course was pretty simple; steep ass climbs and fast fun
descents. I did a hard work out on Wednesday as I need to feel fast on my mtb again and rid the bad energy I was still carrying from Switzerland. After a couple intervals and laps on the course I had figured out how to ride through the tenderness in my arse and the grumblings in my head.

Thursday Waldek and I scouted out some mtn view lakes for a photo shoot (not every team can claim to have 3 national champs). It rained pretty hard but we found a trail down from the mtn top lake so all was good. Our hotel served some amazing multi-course meals, venison seems very popular here. One more day of race prep and I was set to race.

I actually had one of my best world cup starts ever and it was on flat rough grass. Go figure. I came through the start loop in 9th and moved my way up so that about midway through lap 1 I was leading. I opened a gap on the first descent and was able to have about 5-20 seconds until lap 3. Then I guess I slowed down as there were some fast charging women coming up behind me. It's pretty scary to see a pack chasing you down when you don't really feel you can find more speed, but luckily I had enough and only Maja bridged up to me. We worked together for a lap, pushing each other to stay ahead of the chasers. I tried to shake her on the final climbs, but she was on me like glue right to the finishing stretch where she attacked for the win and won. I was happy with second and moving back into the leaders jersey as it's curse continued and Eva Lechner finished outside the top 10. The curse is being abolished at Windham!

My team had a great day with Katerina claiming the final podium spot in 5th and Georgia in 7th. We took the team lead again and all went out to celebrate over, but of course, some delicious Italian thin crust pizza.


Anonymous said…
Félicitations pour ta deuxième place, Catharine! Tu es en super forme! Bravo! Continue!