The show down

So I’m sure you’re dying to know who won the bet, Matt or I. Well Matt did win the race, but not the bet. He redeemed his man card by catching us a fish, with his hands.

Sunday dawned to rain, lots of rain. I can’t say I was excited to race. You know I just wasn’t really into racing up a mtn so close to Worlds, but there was a lot of trash talking happening so I had to suck it up.

Mt Revelstoke is a beautiful climb. It averages about 5.5%, climbed 25.4 km and 1400 m of elevation change. On a clear day you see beautiful mtns. This Sunday you say the rain dripping off your nose and a lot of mist. With 10 km to go I was having trouble shifting, my fingers were so cold. I couldn’t squeeze my bottle hard enough to get water out of it, but at least I was climbing.

I reached the crest in 1hr 16 min and 45 seconds and Matt had not caught me. Wahoo. As I descended down to the cabin where organizers had goodies and hot chilly waiting for us I saw Matt charging up to the finish line. He did a respectable 1hr 14min 08. 2nd and 3rd place were separated by only 1 second 1:15:46 and 1:15:47, fast times put in by Jason Kilmartin and Patrick Paquette. 2010 Nordic Olympian and current Masters National mtb champion Gordon Jewett took 4th ahead of me with a time of 1:16

In all there were 59 hardcore finishers including 13 year old Kellen Visaugh and 72 year old Jerry Livesey.

Complete results on the Flowt bikes and skis website.